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Awaken Your Inner Power: Kundalini Yoga with Sarah Rickert at South Jersey Coping Clinic

There’s a fire within you, a dormant ember waiting to be sparked. Kundalini Yoga, guided by the masterful Sarah Rickert at South Jersey Coping Clinic, is the key to unlocking its potential. Prepare to break free from limitations, unleash your inner strength, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

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Sarah Rickert: Your Guide to Inner Alchemy

Sarah isn’t just a yoga teacher; she’s a licensed massage therapist, reiki master and a catalyst for transformation. With years of experience and a contagious passion for Kundalini, she’ll guide you through a potent blend of movement, breath, and meditation, unlocking the energetic pathways that lie dormant within. Be prepared for laughter, tears, and a profound sense of awakening as she helps you tap into your endless potential.

Kundalini Yoga: More Than Just a Workout

This isn’t your average yoga class. Kundalini Yoga is a trauma informed style that ignites your physical, mental, and emotional well-being:

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Trauma Informed Yoga

Trauma informed Yoga provides the Teacher specific skills to compassionately, safely and effectively instruct a trauma sensitive Kundalini Yoga for people with PTSD or other traumatic events. Practice of Trauma Informed Kundalini Yoga restores healthy regulation to the brain, glandular and nervous systems after enduring traumatic experiences. It is effective in helping people reconnect with their body, reduce symptoms, and provide the support to move from a state of reactivity to an experience of safety and calm.

Your First Step: Ignite Your Inner Flame

Yoga Class

Join Sarah for a Kundalini Yoga class and experience the magic firsthand. No prior experience is necessary, just an open mind and a willingness to explore the depths of your being. Sarah will create a safe and supportive space for you to let go, connect with your inner power, and begin your journey of transformation.

Ready to awaken your inner fire, unleash your potential, and discover the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga? Contact South Jersey Coping Clinic and join Sarah Rickert on this extraordinary journey. Let’s spark your inner flame, one breath, one movement, one powerful pose at a time.

Sarah Rickert Bio

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Sarah is a certified Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Practitioner, Oracle Reader, and the owner of Awakened Spirit LLC. Since Sarah can remember, she knew her life purpose was to help others heal, but she wasn’t sure how. In her early years of childhood, her grandmother Joyce (a Holistic Practitioner and teacher), taught her about many different Holistic Healing modalities. After Sarah experienced trauma, it fueled her passion to help others even more, from a deeper level of understanding. After many years of healing, she took the step to become a Holistic Practitioner herself where she helps others who are suffering from similar experiences. After Sarah’s first Kundalini Yoga class, she noticed an immediate positive effect on her body, mind, & spirit. This inspired her to become a Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher so she could share the benefits and effects with others. She is certified in a Trauma-Informed style of teaching Kundalini Yoga. Sarah’s goal is to help as many people as she can heal their mind, body, and spirit through the use of her different holistic healing modalities.

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