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Beyond Individual Counseling: The Unique Benefits of Group Therapy Near Me

We are on a mission to transform mental health

South Jersey Coping Clinic is a mental health private practice located in Marlton, NJ. Our team of licensed professionals provide therapy to children and adults, ages 5 and older. We serve individuals, couples, families, and groups. We provided treatment for anxiety, depression, family challenges, relationship struggles, dual diagnosis, racial issues, and identity challenges. We are allied with our veterans, LGBTQ+ community, and minority communities.

Beyond Individual Counseling: The Unique Benefits of Group Therapy Near Me
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We believe in holistic health

That means we incorporate all aspects of your life that make you—you, in order to move you closer to your goals and ideal self. While therapy is our primary focus, we also offer Reiki and Massage therapy. We believe that when your mental, physical, and spiritual self are aligned, true healing can begin.

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Therapy shouldn’t be scary

We understand that therapy can be scary and that it is not always easy reaching out or admitting you need help. That’s why we incorporate ways to meet you where you are. Can’t come in? That’s okay, we provide virtual appointments. Does your kid not do well with traditional talk therapy? No worries, we have an interactive playroom. Can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket? No sweat, we take insurance and we offer a sliding fee scale for our clients in need. We want this process to be as seamless as possible so that you can focus on you and your goals.

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What to Expect

Getting to know you is extremely important in establishing a meaningful relationship. We take a person-centered approach when it comes to treatment. What that means for you is, we do not look at you as your diagnosis, a cash cow, or someone who is broken. We view you as someone who is in need of help, who given the right tools and the right therapeutic relationship, can grow towards their vision for change.

Phone Consult

When you decide that you want to receive treatment at SJCC, we will do a phone screen for 15 minutes at no cost to you. During this time we will briefly discuss, what areas you are challenged in, your supports, your schedule, your preference, and gather demographic and insurance information. We will then set up your first initial appointment.

Intake Assessment

When you come in for your first appointment. We will fill out paperwork, which can also be completed online through our HIPAA complaint patient portal. We will complete a bio-psycho-social profile for you. This means we will gather information about your areas of strengths, areas of challenge, supports, family history, job, etc. It might sound like a lot (because it is), however, it will make sense in the end. The more insight we have, the better help we can give. You can expect this to last 1 hour. Before you leave we will set up your next appointment if you decide to move forward. You will leave with a diagnosis, a better sense for what we do, how we can help, and a guidance on frequency of treatment.

First Therapy Session

During your second session we will create your vision plan. Your vision plan is a road map that tells us how you envision your life to be if your challenges were reduced or gone completely. We set both long term and short-term goals and then track that for the remainder of your time with us. Lastly—we stay in communication with you and work on ways to sharpen your skills in coping until you feel confident to take the reins yourself.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, and checks. We are currently paneled with Horizon Blue Cross, Optum, Highmark, Cigna, United, and Premiere Blue Shield.

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