SJCC Membership

starting at $150/month

Self-care is perhaps the best type of love. It allows us to receive some of what we’ve put into the world in order to restore balance in our own lives.

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Our massage membership packages are truly one of kind. We take an all-inclusive approach that is tailored to your needs. This means that we make recommendations for add-ons at no additional cost to you so you can enjoy your day of self -care without worrying about all the expenses.


Our Reiki packages include a complete assessment of any imbalances in the body in order to help you create harmony and live a softer life. This helps to bring awareness to places of limitations in order to help you discover freedom. This light touch energy healing helps you to connect with the better parts of yourself.

Coaching + Consultation.

Need any additional support outside of the therapy setting? We have got your covered! We work with schools, corporations, and small businesses in order to foster healing, education, workshops, DEI initiatives and unity in all settings.

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And Breathe

Vibe Check Package

This package is for the person who needs to reset balance back to their life. Maybe you constantly feel stuck or perhaps needs a more clarity. Perhaps you just want to feel lighter. Then this package is for you. Includes: 2 thirty-minute Reiki sessions a month.

Price: 150$

Healing Flow Package

This package is for the person that carries the weight of the world on their shoulders, needs a moment to escape, or simply wants to treat and prioritize themselves. Includes: 2 fifty-minute massages a month.

Price: 150$

Sensory Overload Package

This package is for the person that wants to reconnect with themselves and also relax simultaneously. This is the mother of all packages. Includes: 2 thirty-minute Reiki sessions, and 1 fifty- minute massage.

price: 225$

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Self-care is so much more than a beauty regimen or an external thing you do. It’s awareness of what you need to live a softer life. To create a pause in an otherwise hectic world.

SJCC Membership

starting at $150/month